We can go into the nitty gritty of your site and we would optimize the Top 50 posts on your site at the moment.


With the Advanced SEO + Audit Package we do the following:

  • Optimize and Add Keywords OR confirm that the keyword being used are optimized 100%
  • Optimize the 1st paragraph and the closing paragraph
  • Add H1 Headings
  • Optimize // Add Alt Text to each and image in that post OR confirm that the alt text is 100% optimized for what it needs to be
  • Optimize// Add meta descriptions for each of the 50 posts OR fix the meta description that is currently in the post at the moment to help ensure it is optimized correctly
  • Optimize Internal Links with your post
With this you would get the following:
  • A full checklist of things to go over before you hit publish every single time
  • Key examples for optimized Alt Text, Images, Names, Meta Descriptions, etc
  • This one-hour comprehensive video call is to help discuss and answer each and every question that you might have about the SEO checklist.
  • We also would discuss the best way to utilize keyword research to help you plan your content strategy and editorial content.


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